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What to look for in a Makeup Artist
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What to look for in a Makeup Artist

Is Your Makeup Artist Worth It?

So let's say you are shopping on line for a shirt. You know what color you want, what type of sleeves and how you want it to just don't know where you are going to get it from. You decide to type in red shirt on your computer's search engine under images and up pop endless pictures of shirts. You see a shirt that catches your eye and you click on the link. When the window opens up, you find yourself on the Macy's Website. Getting a closer look at the shirt you decide you like it even more that you see it up's perfect! You know you need not look further because this is the one so you scroll down to check out the price...and that's where it happens...the shirt is a little pricier than you thought it would be. You like the shirt but decide to try and find something cheaper and return to the initial search. After looking awhile, you find a shirt that looks fact very similar to the one you first found so you click on the image. A window for K-mart pops up and so does the picture of the shirt. It's not as nice as the one from Macy's and definitely looks not as good close up, but you check the price and find it much less and decide to purchase it. Convinced you made a good choice, you await for your shirt to arrive.
Once your shirt is delivered, you eagerly open the package (not that it's packaged so lovely) and find your shirt. Seeing it first hand you notice the quality is not as nice as it looked, but it's still new and you will wear it tonight for your evening out. (There is a point to my story, stay with me!)
Upon getting dressed, you notice there are a lot of stray threads that need to be cut from the shirt. It's new and looks nice, but doesn't quite fit the way you hoped. Nonetheless, you wear it out. Half way through the night a button pops off the shirt and an end has come undone. At this moment, you are thinking you wish you would've gone with the first shirt you saw that day.
How often does the same thing happen when deciding to hire a makeup artist? You search for an artist, even ask for recommendations. You check out their work and decide it is perfect, top quality and exactly what you are looking for so you decide to inquire about rates and that's where it stops...rates are more than you thought they should be. Now, I must say this, by no means am I saying that a good makeup artist can be determined solely by the rates they charge, but there is a reason why a shirt cost $50 at Macy's and $15 at K expect a certain quality from each.
A good makeup artist is not something you want to skimp on and are worth their weight in gold. You want to have full confidence that the person working on your face is providing you with a service that is going to make you look amazing the moment they put it on and stay that way the remainder of the time you wear it for your event. A good makeup artist will not only cater to your beauty needs, but also offer you stellar service as a person. You should have total peace when they are working on your face and have even more confidence when you leave their chair than when you first sat in it.
Not to mention, investing in a good makeup artist is investing in yourself. You are entrusting your personal image to this person. There are plenty of things that you can take the "cheaper" route so to speak, but when it comes to you, it should always be top shelf.
When deciding how to choose a makeup artist, ask yourself, " What am I really sacrificing when I choose an artist based just on rate alone?"
Please note that names of stores mentioned were in no way meant to indicate anything negative or malice from either brand.

Makeup Myth vs. Makeup Fact

Urban legends, Internet rumor gone crazy or just simple miscommunication...all things that can cause us to believe the untrue to be true. Makeup myths are no exception and I have decided to shed some light and debunk some theories.
The first myth is one of my biggest pet peeves!
MYTH: The brand of makeup you have in your kit is what makes a good makeup artist or makeup application.
Ohhh how I loathe this! Now, don't get me wrong, certain brands have the reputation they have because they have earned it by the superior quality of their product...BUT, the product itself does not make the makeup artist or the makeup application. We have almost created a type of makeup prejudice if you will. So often, people will look for a makeup artist based solely on the brand of makeup in their kit. I can give you a $20 eyeshadow and a $5 eyeshadow, but if you don't know how to use it, the $20 eyeshadow isn't going to make it better because it costs more or is a better known brand.
Every brand of makeup, whether high end or not, has it's excellent products and not so excellent products, it's simply a matter of knowing what is what and how to use it.
MYTH: A good makeup artist must have formal training.
Absolutely not! I am a self taught artist. I went to school for hair not makeup and there are numerous other amazing makeup artists out there that are self taught. Do I believe in continuing your makeup education and learning as much about makeup and makeup products as possible, most definitely. However, a certificate does not make one artist better than another. May I also say, there is nothing wrong with a makeup artist that acquired their abilities through formal training, after all, I do teach classes. We all have the skills and the talents we have  either naturally or learned and one is not better than the other.
Stay tuned for more and feel free to add your own makeup myths.
Beauty and blessings!

Makeup Artist vs. Knock off Artist Part 1

Be it China Town NYC or a tagged photo on facebook advertising red bottom shoes at 75% off retail prices, we have all seen them...KNOCKOFFS. As with every genuine product, there are tell tale signs of the real deal and the real fake. The same can be said for makeup artists. Now, before the defenses go up, I am not talking about artists who are just starting out or skill level. We all begin at different levels and our work grows as we do...BUT...there are some key things that if you see your makeup artist doing...beware.
Signs of a a knock off:
  1. They use the lipgoss applicator right out of the tube onto your lips. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen other artists do this and how it makes me cringe. If the lipgloss is not brand new and you are not keeping it after they apply it to your lips, just ask yourself one many different lips has this same applicator wand touched before it is now touching yours?
  2. They begin applying your makeup without washing their hands or applying hand sanitizer. Your hands are the biggest carrier of germs. Unwashed/unsanitized hands are a playground of bacteria. A makeup artist's hands touch your eyes and face. If hands are not cleaned, there is nothing stopping the transfer of germs to your skin and face.
  3. Unclean brushes. Makeup artist brushes should always be clean. There should be no residue on brushes from previous use. Now, sometimes, a brush may be stained with a color even after it has been cleaned, but it should not have product apparent. If you are one of a few people your artist is working on in the same  time period, brushes should be either cleaned with a brush cleaner between applications or new brushes should be used all together.
  4. Unsharpened lip/eye pencils. Lip and eye pencils should be sharpened before being applied, this insures that the tip of the pencil is new and has not touched another persons eyes or lips.
These are just a few signs to look for. Be sure to keep an eye out for the real deal...after ARE worth it! Beauty and blessings, Mariluz
Stay tuned for Part 2 - Myth vs. Fact
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