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Don't Ignore the Butterflies

One of the number one questions I get when talking with people is, "how did you know you wanted to be a Makeup Artist?"
I never really quite know how to answer this question because I feel like there are so many things that have impacted where I am now. I used to paint my little sister's face when we were younger and I would sneak my mom's lipstick to put it on even when I knew I wasn't allowed to wear makeup. I could say that art has always been a part of my life painting and drawing whenever I could, but when I think back on all of those moments, the one thing that really let me know that this is what I wanted to do was...the butterflies.
Allow me to explain. I have never taken any formal makeup lesson or had any formal makeup training. I went to cosmetology school to learn hair (which I later realized was not for me). If I remember correctly, we had all of four hours of "makeup training" and I use that term loosely. And while it may not have sparked a career, it did awaken the butterflies. The day in school where I received my kit, I remember rummaging through the bag: curling iron, blow dryer, sanitation jar, etc. Then, I discovered a small bag containing makeup. In the bag was the worst combo of colors: Purple eye shadow, orange lipstick, brown eyeliner, bright pink blush and mascara (no ironically, this was not the eighties). The moment I laid eyes on that bag and picked it up, the butterflies started. These were the same butterflies that were there when I snuck that lipstick from my mom and painted my sisters face. And while I still felt the butterflies, I still didn’t pay them full attention.
After school, I began working in a salon doing hair. Any free chance I got to paint one of the stylists faces while things were a little slow, I would and the butterflies always came around. I loved the butterflies and eventually I never wanted them to go away and that's when I decided makeup was for me and everything else was just a distraction from what I was really supposed to be doing.
There are so many times in life when we ignore the butterflies. We meet someone, we go somewhere, we hear something and the butterflies start going in our stomach. We feel them, even know they are there but we just never pursue them. Sometimes we try to pursue them and then we allow someone to discourage them or we think we fail at pursuing them, but the butterflies are there for a reason. They are indicators of something sometimes beyond our reasoning and tell tale signs of where our path may lead us.
Finally allowing myself to take head of the butterflies that have been around forever has allowed me to wake up every day loving what I do and confident that I am fulfilling my purpose and gifting. I may have taken some detours along the way, but now, ten plus years later; I still get the butterflies when I am doing makeup.
When your butterflies come around, chase them; chase them with all your might, because great things are ahead. I hope for you all the courage and strength to follow your dreams and succeed!
Don't ignore the butterflies!
Beauty and blessings,

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